Nightcrawler: A Case Study of the common Psychopath


In the 2014 thriller “Nightcrawler”, Jake Gyllenhaal again proves to be a multifaceted actor. Directed by Dan Gilroy, who is known for writing “The Bourne Legacy” and directing “Roman J.Israel, Esq.”, the Nightcrawler serves as an excellent example for exploring the human condition called psychopathy, without diving into the abyss of serial killers. The latter …

Trauma in Junji Ito`s “Tomie” – Part 2

Today, I want to focus on the relationship between the victim and the offender and how it projects itself into the survivor’s mind.
Let`s look at the episodes following the first one. We witness how Tomie entangles men and women with her charm, only to later ridicule and devalue them.
Tomie is both the victim and the offender. This, to some degree, is true for many trauma victims.