Hellblade: Blog Series

Dear Darklings,

I invite you to cherish this masterpiece of a game with me. In Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, we experience a young warrior’s psychosis. For the first time, a major game title tried to show mental illness by listening to what patients and professionals had to say.

This game is a unique experience, and a major opportunity to erase the stigma of mental illness.

In this blog series, I explain psychosis to you by using the game as a tool. I will go in-depth about the elements that we can see in Senua’s illness and combine it with clinical experience. I want you, dear Darkling, to learn about real psychosis. Not the horror-movie-asylum-version.

Featured image by Andy Cull on flickr.


General article for starters

Senua’s Voices explained

Runes as Symbols for Delusions