Trauma in Junji Ito`s “Tomie” – Part 2

Today, I want to focus on the relationship between the victim and the offender and how it projects itself into the survivor’s mind.
Let`s look at the episodes following the first one. We witness how Tomie entangles men and women with her charm, only to later ridicule and devalue them.
Tomie is both the victim and the offender. This, to some degree, is true for many trauma victims.

Trauma in Junji Ito’s Tomie

Junji Ito might well be described as the master of horror manga. One of his first big works was “Tomie”, published in 1987 as a submission for a shoujo magazine that instantly won him an award. Until today, Ito’s work is studied when it comes to understanding the gruesome and grotesque. Inspired by Script Weaver`s video analysis of Tomie’s story, I want to take a deep look at this iconic manga and how it tells the story of a traumatized character.

Why “Alan the Monster” is so Unsettling

Among all the YouTube Channels that exist to send chills down our spines, one of them is right now building momentum in the public eye. The channel “Daisy Brown” has been gaining a huge number of subscribers recently. In this post, I want to explain how Daisy Brown succeeds to gain the attention of so many viewers and why we are so creeped out by her “Alan the Monster”.